covid coping

I found out earlier this week that I’m in a vulnerable group for COVID-19 due to underlying health issues I have and will need to isolate myself for 12 weeks, at least. Global pandemic got you trapped in your own home for God knows how long? Make good art.

All of these colouring pages are free to download for you to enjoy, but not for resale. Feeling generous? I’d love it if you’d buy me a coffee. These are A4 sized so you may need to adjust the print scale to 91% if you’re using US letter sized paper.

I’d love it if you’d share your results with #covidcopingcolouring so I can see! No, really. I’m stuck at home right now, it would seriously be a boost to my mental health to know these helped someone else, too.

These aren’t perfect as it’s what I can do between trying to work from home and look after my toddler, but what is perfect these days? I hope they provide you with a little respite from the world right now. I’ll be adding more as I make them; the current series is very loosely based on some of the Plagues of Egypt because going ALL IN is apparently how I cope. Click on the image to download the full-size pdf.

Be well, friends. Elbow bumps!

a frog on a patterned background in black and white